• How often is the proper time to wash clothes? The best “washing schedule” tells you

            Some people like to clean and take off their clothes immediately if they have stains. Some people don't care and are used to throwing dirty clothes into the washing machine every once in a while.         In fact, different clot...
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  • Why is silk mostly used to make pajamas?

         Compared with other silk products, silk pajamas have been recognized by the public and are suitable for any age. The pajamas styles are mainly simple and comfortable, without complicated and gorgeous craftsmanship, and the price is not as expensive as other silk pro...
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  • Put on silk and enjoy life

    In the sweltering summer, a comfortable and breathable silk garment can refresh the hot mood and inject a touch of comfort into the tense life. Real silk is addictive. The silky touch and lustrous luster always give people a happy and ...
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  • Fashion trends of women’s dresses in 2021

    Dresses are an indispensable item for women in the spring and summer. Folk style, feminine style and fresh intellectual style are the main popular styles of 2021 spring and summer dresses. The styles of lotus leaf, laminated, pleated, strapless and other styles can meet the style requirements of ...
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  • Analysis of the characteristics of common pajamas fabrics

    Pajamas have always been used as home furnishings, and wearing them makes people relax. Sleeping in pajamas is good for sleep and can prevent many diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a comfortable pajama. So, what fabric is good for pajamas? Winter pajamas are basically pure cotton, an...
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  • Silk pajamas have many benefits

    There are many benefits of wearing silk pajamas, because they are made of silk and have better breathability. Real silk has health benefits. Mulberry silk, commonly known as real silk, is called the “fiber queen”. It is a rare treasure given to mankind by nature. It has a history of t...
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